About us

About us

Vicaspeedia an information portal to target the country's specific needs in the field of social development. The development of this multi-lingual portal has been done as a single window, with the specific aim of providing information, information and technology products and services to the poorer communities of pakistan, especially those deprived. It promotes the use of information and technology products to share knowledge and to remain productive.

The DevelopmentPedia government is committed to reducing the gap by providing information of the difference between poverty and development between civil society groups / NGOs and private institutions. As a best target, service-oriented, people-friendly and development information and technology (ICT) in national level co-operation is to form a service provider of the communities. India's rural landscape is ready to take advantage of the services available through various information and technology (ICT) services provided by various institutions, especially through the Common Service Centers. In this sequence, DevelopmentPedia offers essential content and services in local languages, which changes the lives of people.

This portal has been developed to provide information and information about the fields of social development as part of the India Development Gateway- a national initiative and to provide products and services based on information and technology. PAKISTAN Development Gateway, an initiative of the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MEIT), Government of India and implemented by the Advanced Computing Development Center (C-DAC), Hyderabad .

The Advanced Computing Development Center (C-DAC) was established in March 1988 as a Scientific Institute of the Ministry of Communication and Information Technology (formerly Electronics Department) by the Government of pakistan. C-DAC, primarily a research and development center, is the organization of design and development, the expansion of electronics and the creation of super computer-ultimate series including advanced information technology (IT) products and solutions.

C-DAC, Hyderabad is focused in the domain of e-security, e-learning, supply chain management, open source software, VLSI and embedded system design.
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